Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Milk Explosion Experiment !!! - Melvina

How to do the 'Milk Explosion Experiment'

Firstly, you need ingredients and those ingredients are: milk, food colouring, ( red ,blue, yellow and green), bowl, dish washing liquid and a cotton bud. The food colouring you choose are optional but only four colours. Next, you put the food colouring but you need to put them seperately or the experiment won't work. Then, you get your cotton bud and with one side put dish washing liquid on to it and then carefully put the cotton bud in to the middle and watch what happens.

It all mixes together and twirls around. This happens because of the milks fat and protein. They keep bumping together to find molecules. Scientists have an example of telling about fats and proteins, so you can get the idea of what they are trying to say. Scientists say, that when are at a disco you find a new friend to dance with, so that is what happens to the molecules. The fat and protein molecules are dancing around. This is a physical change because it can not change back to how it was before.

Thats how we make Swirling Milk.


Liana said...

Dear Melvina

Your story is very long I liked how you told the people about the bit where the molecules found the fat and protein. Anyway your story was very interesting and again very very long.

From Liana :)

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