Sunday, June 26, 2011

Burst of colours

How do you make milk colourful?

Firstly,you get a bowl or a dish and put in some milk about halfway. Next, you add some food colouring green,blue,yellow,and red. Only put one drop of each colour. After that,you put dish washing liquid into the bowl and watch it burst out with colours.

What is happening is a physical change because it is still milk and it is still food colouring even though they are moving around. Milk has fat and protien. When the fat and protien bump together they find molecules.

You might even want to try this fun science experiment at home. Give it a try. You can tell your friends, auntys, cousins and uncles. Watch the teriffic, magnifient sight inside the bowl. 'What a delightful thing you have made' thats what your Mum or Dad might say.


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